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2019-06-25 The Maritime Executive
IMO Warns Shipping Industry of Fake Piracy Reports

2019-06-19 The Maritime Executive
Ten Fishermen Kidnapped by Suspected Abu Sayyaf Militants

2017-08-04 Maritime News
Somali Pirates Sentenced to Six Months Plus Time Served

2017-08-02 Maritime News
Nigerian Pirates Abduct Five Seafarers from Freighter

2017-05-23 Maritime News
Somali Pirates Hijack Iranian Fishing Vessel

2017-04-10 Maritime News
Bulk Carrier Crew Thwarts Somali Attack

2017-03-26 Maritime News
Captain Escapes Terrorist Group

2017-03-24 Maritime News
Somali Pirates Steal a ''Mother Ship''

2017-03-16 Maritime News
Pirates Release Tanker Without Ransom

2017-03-15 Maritime News
Somali Pirates Claim to be Fishermen

2017-03-08 Maritime News
Vietnamese Freighter Evades Pirates Off Sabah

2017-03-06 Maritime News
Nigerian Pirates Release BBC Caribbean Crewmembers

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