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About us

About us

Private security organization "Sokol" is a group of security companies AIF, who since 2003 occupied a leading position of security services .

Founder PSO "Sokol" - Krupich Alexander Maximovich.

AM Krupich - a retired police colonel, eight years as head of one of the "elite" units of the criminal police Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia - the Office for Combating Organized Crime UVD Magadan, and then - the Samara region. With his active participation was formed Regional Public Organization "Samara League Veterans Service for Combating Organized Crime".

Currently PSO "Sokol" - it is an organization working in the area of problem solving prophylaxis (prevention) and actively discourage criminal infiltration and attacks on various structures, working and developing in the RF. The Organization is based on close cooperation with government law enforcement agencies, ensuring public order and security in the region, as well as friendly non-governmental security.

Principles of honesty and professionalism are working with provides the organizations a reasonable compromise in matters of financial security projects for the work of best practices, including those acquired during the execution of special tasks in the public service. The core of the amount retired professional staff of law enforcement agencies of Russia, having sufficient experience and skills to solve problems facing the organization. License for private security activity in the Company's employees is a key criterion in applying them to work.

Mobile teams of detention (MTD) equipped in accordance with the standards and requirements of the Russian Interior Ministry protective body armor, equipped in accordance with the Law on Arms and the Law "On private detective and security activity", equipped with special gear.

With security companies "AIF" placed in its own three-storey building in the historic center of the city of Samara on the street Komsomolskaya, 37.

The number of employees of enterprises, over 400 people.

PSO "Sokol" :

- Create conditions precluding attempts intrusion into the territory of objects to commit theft of protected property;
- Create conditions precluding the possible theft of property from the company faces a number of its clients or persons from the staff of the company;
- Provides a normal mode of the business enterprise, provides the rule of law on protected objects;
- Assist company management in identifying individuals with the aim to gain access to trade secrets, insight into the personnel of the company and are prone to commit administrative violations, criminal offenses and may harm the company, its customers, property and reputation of the company.

The our company has experience of working with Russian and International companies engaged in Oil Production, as well as companies engaged in activities with the use of maritime trade and specialized vessels in the ports of RF.

We provide Security Guard Services:
Х To Govt Establishments
Х Security for Special events
Х VIP Protection and Bodyguard services
Х Job Site (onshore & offshore) ;
Х CCTV Security surveillance Systems .

More information about the services and opportunities you can on this site, or by calling: (846) 225-27-31

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